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An open letter to Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon, Mashgiach, Bais Medrash Govoha, Lakewood, New Jersey:

Dear Rabbi Salomon:

I heard your speech at the Agudah Convention and have a few comments and questions I would like to share with you. I am writing this letter in an open forum as I believe the issues herein are of vital importance to our people and warrant the same circulation as your much publicized speech.

I take no issue with your well reasoned argument calling for civility in expression of disagreement. Bnai Torah should be able to agree to disagree. While I join you in condemning the deplorable language used by the few, I respectfully suggest that dissenters need not be placed in the category of “rasha,” or “maskil” for you to make your point. Likewise, suggestions of “hakei es shinov” and proclamations that children of select members of our community whose views you may disagree with have no place in our schools; do little to further civilized discourse.

In your speech you made a point of declaring your lack of cowardice in dealing with the issue of sexual abuse by rabbeim in yeshiva and insisted that keeping your efforts discreet or as you put it to “sweep under the carpet,” is a choice you make to protect human dignity. Whose dignity are you referring to? The dignity of those few victims courageous enough to step forward and confront these powerful monsters or the dignity of these monsters and their poor families? I respectfully suggest that by concerning yourself with the dignity of the pedophile and sweeping his heinous acts under the carpet, you subject his victims to another round of abuse at the hands of the community while enabling the predator to continue his reign of terror on unsuspecting victims.

We are taught “chochmah b’goyim, taamin.” Medical statistics tell us that a treated pedophile has a sixty percent rate of recidivism. This places the pedophile squarely in the category of a rodeph and as such we have a duty to our community to expose him so that potential victims are aware of this clear and present danger. Sex Offender Registries exist for a reason. Namely, the law and medical science recognize that these people are incapable of controlling themselves. You may be impressed by a heartfelt and tearful confession coupled with a commitment to never again succumb to temptation, (“teshuva”). However, you will not be present when this pedophile succumbs to his overwhelming urges and destroys another poor innocent life. Respectfully, you do not have the right to ignore universally accepted medical knowledge and take innocent children’s lives into your hands for the sake of a pedophile’s “dignity.”

Indeed, your strategy of not acting until the pedophile has been proved 100 percent guilty and using the Torah as your guide to protect our mosdos is not new. As will be shown below this very same strategy was followed by many other rabbonim with disastrous results. Rabbi Shalom Yosef Elyashiv puts it best while writing about this very issue. Rabbi Elyashiv quotes the Rashba who writes in his Responsa, III no. 393, “…Because if you will adjudicate based only on the laws established by the Torah, society will be destroyed…” (emphasis added).

Yes, we do need to stop “the terrible assault” and “immunize against a plague” of “insidious poison seeping in.” It is our duty to teach our children to “rise in their defense” and of course we must “give them the ammunition to fight back when they are attacked.” You and I differ only in our opinion of where the threat lies. You maintain with an impressive fervor that the threat lies with disrespectful bloggers. I respectfully disagree and see the threat to be that deadly minority of rabbeim who are morally corrupt and are destroying our children.

In your speech you alluded to the case of Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, a rebbe in Yeshiva Torah Temimah for over thirty-eight years. You express indignation that this one example of a pedophile that “slips through the fingers” is being used as an illustration of how Klal Yisroel behaves. Rabbi Salomon; unfortunately one is as one does. As such, this is who we are as a community today. Tragically, the story as depicted by the secular media in all its gory detail is but the tip of the iceberg.

The below bullet point history is general and merely touches upon events of the past forty years. If you want more details, I suggest you confer with Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman, who was employed by Kolko in Camp Ma-Na-Vu and will surely share his knowledge of events with you. Remind Rabbi Wachsman of his expression of remorse to his friends for not having informed his uncle, Rabbi Shloime Klein, of Kolko’s predilection for young boys when Rabbi Klein was embroiled in a difficult din torah with Kolko and Rabbi Lipa Geldwirth in or around 1990.

A Partial Biography of Rabbi Yehuda Kolko & Rabbi Lipa Margulies

· 1967 – While working as Dormitory Counselor at Yeshivas Mir, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko calls a student (name withheld) out of his dormitory room and begins discussing matters of a sexual nature with him while rubbing up against him in an aroused state. This abuse continues for the remainder of the school year and into the summer season at Camp Agudah. This student is now a distinguished Manhattan attorney living happily with his partner in New York City and insists that his lifestyle choice has absolutely nothing to do with his abuse by Kolko.

· 1969 thru 1971 - Rabbi Yehuda Kolko begins abusing Dovid Framowitz in Yeshiva Torah Vodaas of Flatbush (now known as Yeshiva Torah Temimah) and Camp Agudah, the details of which abuse are now public knowledge. Mr. Framowitz, a grandfather living in Eretz Yisroel, has not gone a day since being abused without reliving the unspeakable agony he suffered at Kolko’s hands.

· 1972 - Rabbi Yehuda Kolko sexually abuses two young campers (names withheld at the request of the victims) in Camp Agudah who complain to their counselor. Their counselor reports the complaint to Rabbi Simcha Kaufman. The abuse of these two boys cease for the remainder of that summer. Rabbi Simcha Kaufman is a co-worker of Kolko in Yeshiva Torah Temimah (more on Kaufman below) and was a co-worker of Kolko in Camp Agudah until 1976 when Kolko voluntarily left Camp Agudah after he co-founded Camp Ma-Na-Vu with Rabbi Lipa Geldwirth, another co-worker of his at Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· 1977 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, employed as a rebbe in Yeshiva Torah Temimah in the morning, is employed in the afternoons by Yeshiva Karlin Stolin as Secular Studies Principal. During the course of his short tenure in Yeshiva Karlin Stolin numerous complaints are lodged by both students and parents (names withheld at the request of the victims) accusing Kolko of sexually abusing boys in the yeshiva. Rabbi Shmuel Dishon asks Kolko to leave the employ of the yeshiva.

· 1977 on – Eyewitness testimony and accusations of sexual abuse by Rabbi Yehuda Kolko of students at Yeshiva Torah Temimah and Camp Ma-Na-Vu reach a crescendo which culminates in several businessmen approaching Rabbi Lipa Margulies in 1984 and offering to fund a retirement package for Rabbi Yehuda Kolko provided he seeks employment away from children. Rabbi Lipa Margulies steadfastly refuses to accept the offer and suggests that those parents who disagree with his decision remove their children from his Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· 1981 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko sexually abuses a twelve year old student of Yeshiva Torah Temimah (name withheld at the request of the victim.) This victim publicizes the abuse and acts out, vandalizing Kolko’s home and car. Rabbi Lipa Margulies calls this victim's father and warns him that if this activity does not stop his other children would be expelled from yeshiva and the safety of his family could not be guaranteed. This victim is subsequently referred to Avrohom Mondrowitz for counseling.

· 1984 – As instructed by Rabbi Avigdor Miller, an askan calls for a meeting which takes place at the home of Rabbi Yakov Perlow (the Novominsker) and is attended by Rabbi Avrohom Pam, Rabbi Elya Svei, Rabbi Chaim Dov Keller, Rabbi Aharon Schechter, Rabbi Moshe Scheinerman, Rabbi Shia Fishman and Rabbi Yankel Bender. At this meeting, chaired by Rabbi Perlow, the askan discusses what is transpiring to innocent boys at the hands of Rabbi pedophiles and requests that Torah Umesorah and the rabbonim issue a statement calling for their removal from chinuch. Rabbi Svei informs this askan that Torah Umesorah has consulted their attorneys who advised that for Torah Umesorah to admit knowledge of such abuse would subject Torah Umesorah, its staff, all its member schools and their staff to liability for not having reported their knowledge to the authorities earlier. Accordingly, Rabbi Elya Svei informs the askan, neither he nor Torah Umesorah will do anything about this problem.

· 1984 thru 1985 – At directed by Rabbi Avrohom Pam an askan approaches Rabbi Moshe Scheinerman and the two meet with Rabbi Shia (Joshua) Fishman in the office of Torah Umesorah. Both Scheinerman and Fishman neglect to inform this askan that Fishman had been instructed by Torah Umesorah’s lawyer to do nothing about this issue. Rabbi Fishman requests the names of Kolko’s victims and promises absolute confidentiality. Names are provided to Rabbi Fishman who begins his own investigation of the allegations. He meets with and speaks with several victims who pour their hearts out to him after he guarantees them confidentiality. Rabbi Shia Fishman promptly discloses all he has learned to Rabbi Lipa Margulies who in turn publicly disparages and discredits each and every one of those boys who were brave enough to step forward.

· 1985 – A follow up meeting takes place at the home of Rabbi Simcha Kaufman and includes Rabbi Kaufman, Rabbi Lipa Margulies, Rabbi Shia Fishman, an askan and an eyewitness. The eyewitness recounts his personal knowledge of Rabbi Kolko’s sexual abuse of boys and discusses the information he had gleaned from others. Rabbi Lipa Margulies insists that the charges are all fabrications and attacks the reputations of everyone involved in seeking the removal of Kolko from his Yeshiva Torah Temimah. Rabbi Shia Fishman subsequently informs anyone who asks that he can not deal with this issue as he is old (50 at the time) and will lose his job if he pursues this matter.

· 1985 – Rabbi Moshe Scheinerman is offered a lucrative and prestigious position as rav of a shul (a position he holds to this day) and is told that he must cease and desist from his actions against Yeshiva Torah Temimah rabbeim (his own words) which he promptly does. Scheinerman abandons ship explaining that it is not appropriate for a rabbi of his stature to deal with these matters. Rabbi Yehoshua Leiman takes over.

· 1985 - Rabbi Yehoshua Leiman and others continue their quest for a solution and convene a bais din for this purpose. This bais din, consisting of Rabbi Menashe Klein, Rabbi Yechezkel Roth, Rabbi Aharon Stein, Rabbi Moshe Stern and Rabbi Chaim Yankel Tauber, is scheduled to hear testimony for two days after which they will rule on how to proceed. This panel meets and hears testimony for one day. Shortly thereafter, Rabbi Moshe Stern states that he is unable to participate in any more sessions and this bais din is disbanded without further explanation. In a private conversation with one of the askanim, Rabbi Stern disclosed that he had been approached by Rabbi Lipa Margulies which resulted in the discontinuance of the din torah.

· 1985 – Upon the dissolution of the above bais din, Rabbi Lipa Margulies retains Rabbi Pinchus Scheinberg to convene a second bais din for the purpose of clearing Rabbi Yehuda Kolko’s name. Rabbi Lipa Margulies then drafts Rabbi Friedman (the Tenka Rav) and Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Brown to serve on Rabbi Scheinberg’s bais din. Prior to convening the bais din, Rabbi Pinchus Scheinberg speaks with several of Kolko’s victims and asks them to describe what Kolko has done to them. Upon hearing the allegations Rabbi Scheinberg informs the boys that in the eyes of halacha they had not been molested. Rabbi Scheinberg also calls the askanim and tells them to cease and desist in their attempts to remove Kolko from chinuch. Rabbi Avigdor Miller disagrees and instructs the askanim in no uncertain terms to do whatever must be done to protect children from Kolko. Rabbi Pinchus Scheinberg convenes the bais din and takes the position that Rabbi Kolko has a chezkas kashrus absent any testimony by two adult witnesses to any single event. Rabbi Friedman takes the position that in light of the persistent rumors Rabbi Kolko must be kept away from children. Rabbi Brown ultimately concedes that there is no halachic evidence against Kolko and the din torah is concluded. Rabbi Lipa Margulies insists that he has a psak from this bais din but to this day has refused to produce it. Regardless, it is of note that no victims testified before this bais din.

· 1987 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, having groomed a former first grade student of his for years, begins systematically sexually abusing this boy (name withheld at the request of the victim) both in and out of the Yeshiva Torah Temimah building. When this boy complains to Rabbi Lipa Margulies that his grades are slipping because Kolko is removing him from class almost daily, Margulies responds by slapping the boy across the face and throwing him out of his office. This young man is now living down south where he is on leave of absence from the U.S. Army.

· 2001 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, takes a young Yeshiva Torah Temimah student under his wing (name withheld at the request of the victim) and begins removing him from class for “special projects.” These special projects include the boy being sexually molested by Kolko in the basement of the yeshiva, in Rabbi Kolko’s car and in Rabbi Kolko’s private office, which Rabbi Lipa Margulies has conveniently equipped with its own private bathroom. This young man is currently in therapy and hopes to be able to recover enough to be able to get married and start a family.

· 2005 – Dovid Framowitz, after years of searching on the internet, chances upon a post written by a blogger calling himself “Un-Orthodox Jew” which makes reference to Rabbi Lipa Margulies harboring Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, a known pedophile, in his Yeshiva Torah Temimah. Dovid begins communicating with this blogger via e-mail who in turn posts Dovid’s story on his blog. Over the course of several months other victims of Kolko begin to step forward with their stories.

· January 2006 – Several askonim decide that this four decade long chillul hashem must stop and approach both Rabbi Yehuda Kolko and Rabbi Lipa Margulies with a demand that Kolko be removed from Yeshiva Torah Temimah and Camp Silver Lake and further commit to spending the rest of his life in treatment and away from children. Both Kolko and Margulies refuse.

· February 2006 – A letter is drafted informing the public that Rabbi Yehuda Kolko is a dangerous pedophile and that Rabbi Lipa Margulies continues to employ him despite his knowledge of this fact. Copies of this draft letter are delivered to Kolko and Margulies. Both Kolko and Margulies are offered the opportunity to deal quietly with the issue and are informed that if they continue to refuse, the letter would be mass mailed to the entire community. Kolko responds by stating that “the matter has been taken care of” and Margulies responds by asking if anyone “thinks Kolko is still a threat” and declares “if anyone does not like the way I run my yeshiva let them not send their children to my yeshiva.” They refuse to comply and the letter is sent out in a mass mailing.

· February 2006 – Eli Greenwald, a graduate of Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah, son of one of the founders of the yeshiva and a parent in the yeshiva receives the letter and spends a few days investigating the matter. He calls Rabbi Yaakov Applegrad, the yeshiva’s Administrator, and requests a meeting of the Vaad Ha'horim in order to address this serious issue. Rabbi Applegrad informs him that there will be no meeting as the allegations are false and that he and Rabbi Margulies have the matter under control. Mr. Greenwald called Rabbi Lipa Margulies and makes the same request of him. Rabbi Margulies responds by shouting at him.

· February 17, 2006 – Eli Greenwald is served with a hazmana issued by Rabbi Yisroel Belsky calling him to a din torah to answer the charge of hotzoas shem rah allegedly committed against Rabbi Yehuda Kolko. Mr. Greenwald responds on February 21, 2006, that he will appear for a din torah before the Bais Din of America. To this day there has been no reply to Mr. Greenwald’s response by either Kolko or Rabbi Yisroel Belsky.

· February 2006 – An askan meets with Rabbi Yaakov Perlow and pleads with him to get involved in this matter. Rabbi Perlow refuses on the basis of his being a yuchid and this being a tzibur matter. After being pressed further Rabbi Perlow takes his final stand that this is a Flatbush matter and as he is a Boro Park rabbi it would be unseemly for him to get involved in this matter.

· March 2006 – Rabbi Lipa Margulies reaches a standstill agreement with the askonim by committing to appear before a panel consisting of two rabbonim and one frum lawyer, all three of whom had been chosen by him. Rabbi Lipa Margulies reneges on his promise to appear before this panel.

· March 23, 2006 – A hazmana to a din torah is sent to Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, Rabbi Lipa Margulies and Yeshiva Torah Temimah summoning them to a din torah before the Bais Din of Mechon L’Hoyroa or a bais din of ZBLA. The hazmana is ignored by all the defendants.

· March 30, 2006 – A second hazmana to a din torah is sent to Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, Rabbi Lipa Margulies and Yeshiva Torah Temimah summoning them to a din torah before the Bais Din of Mechon L’Hoyroa or a bais din of ZBLA. By fax sent on April 5, 2006, Rabbi Lipa Margulies responds to this hazmana stating he will not appear for a din torah “without a prior determination of the charges against Rabbi Kolko.” Rabbi Kolko continues to ignore the hazmanas.

· April 6, 2006 – A third hazmana to a din torah is sent to Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, Rabbi Lipa Margulies and Yeshiva Torah Temimah summoning them to a din torah before the Bais Din of Mechon L’Hoyroa or a bais din of ZBLA. By fax sent on April 10, 2006, Rabbi Lipa Margulies responds to this hazmana by stating “the Hazmonah that you sent to us was not a valid Hazmonah.” Rabbi Kolko does not respond at all. It is of note that Rabbi Yehuda Kolko is still teaching in Yeshiva Torah Temimah while these exchanges are taking place.

· May 4, 2006 – A lawsuit is filed in United States District Court: Eastern District of New York, naming Rabbi Yehuda Kolko; Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah, Inc. and Camp Agudah as defendants. Rabbi Yehuda Kolko remains in the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· May 5, 2006 – Rabbi Simcha Kaufman approaches Dovid Framowitz and with tears in his eyes tells him that if only he had known what Rabbi Kolko was doing to him he would have put a stop to it. Of interest was Rabbi Simcha Kaufman’s complete denial of any prior knowledge of any accusation before Dovid Framowitz brought his lawsuit. Rabbi Simcha Kaufman pleads with Dovid to withdraw his lawsuit lest he hurt Rabbi Lipa Margulies and the Yeshiva.

· May 10, 2006 – After being approached for comment on several occasions by Robert Kolker, a reporter for New York Magazine, and with a 5:00 printing deadline looming, Rabbi Lipa Margulies issues a statement through his attorney at 4:30 PM. Beginning with a proclamation that Yeshiva Torah Temimah is the preeminent yeshiva in the world followed by an absolute denial of all the allegations, the statement concludes with an announcement that Rabbi Kolko has agreed to a “leave of absence” pending resolution of this matter. Despite this claim, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko remains in the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· May 12, 2006 – A second lawsuit is filed in United States District Court: Eastern District of New York naming Rabbi Yehuda Kolko; Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah, Inc. as defendants. Still, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko remains in the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· May 15, 2006 – “On the Rabbi’s Knees – Do the Orthodox Jews Have a Catholic Priest Problem” a feature article in New York Magazine, a publication with a circulation of three million, is published. Within days of the publication of the article and after thirty-eight years of committing unspeakable acts of perversion in Yeshiva Torah Temimah, Kolko leaves the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah. It was only after the magazine hit the newsstands that Margulies succumbed to pressure and removed Kolko from the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· July 2006 – Over the vocal protest of many residents and with the help of his friend Rabbi Yaakov Applegrad, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko takes up summer residence at a home in Regency Estates in the Catskills. Despite the claim that Kolko was on a leave of absence from Yeshiva Torah Temimah, he continues working for Camp Silver Lake, Yeshiva Torah Temimah’s summer home. In addition, Kolko initiates and organizes a multi-camp excursion to Lake Compounce, a water park located in Connecticut, where he is seen frolicking with young boys in bathing suits. A secular media outcry ensues resulting in Kolko being banned from the park by its non-Jewish management. Astonishingly, in August Kolko organizes a second trip to Lake Compounce, which is attended by the same frum boy’s camps who participated in the July trip.

The above is but a sampling of the cases I am aware of. One need not be a great lamden to realize that I am aware of only a small percentage of Kolko’s abuse victims. As rachmonim bnai rachmonim, it is unbearable to grasp the stunning extent of this catastrophe.

To all who decry the “chillul hashem” the New York Magazine article resulted in, I say; embarrassing, yes. Chillul hashem, absolutely not! Indeed, it is ironic that this very article which has been condemned by many rabbonim is what got you and them to belatedly acknowledge Kolko’s guilt. Apparently a mere forty years of koila d’lo posuk was not enough. Were the lawsuits and the magazine article the chillul hashem? No! The decades long chillul hashem is that of Margulies's and Kolko’s actions coupled with the many decades of improper action and inaction by our rabbonim and organizations. Their chillul hashem was somewhat offset by the recent kiddush hashem of the action taken by a few askonim. They, who had the courage to do what had to be done to protect our children from the acts of monsters and the cowardice of our rabbonim. All this I say with the utmost respect and reverence.

I lay no blame at your doorstep for the above; you come from another part of the world, did not participate in and have no first hand knowledge of these events. I merely ask you to understand the world of pain and destruction that Rabbi Yehuda Kolko and his enablers; with a special note of distinction going to Rabbi Lipa Margulies; have left in their wake. I respectfully question your judgment in showing respect and support for Rabbi Lipa Margulies without having done a thorough investigation of his history. Surely, l'man yishmeu v’yirahu, a man such as Lipa Margulies must be publicly vilified; not cholila v’chas publicly honored by someone of your esteem.

I respectfully submit that despite the focus of your speech, this issue has nothing to do with an obnoxious blogger or kovod haTorah. No reasonable adult takes this blogger’s inane ravings as anything but. That he fell into this issue and “b’mokom she'ain ish” he chose to “hishtadail lehios ish” and participate in pushing it forward, is a sad commentary on the egregious failures of our leadership. Rather, the issue is the still unanswered question of where our leaders were all these decades while Rabbi Yehuda Kolko and Rabbi Lipa Margulies were savaging our children. I ask with the utmost respect and humility; how can you stand in front of us in good faith and turn this into an issue of kovod hatorah? I ask that you hear the constant cries of anguish laden souls destroyed by chronic inaction coupled with a misguided concern for the “dignity” of rabbeim who molest.

This is not a tale of something that somehow “slips through the fingers” but rather only one of many glaring examples of what occurs in a community whose leaders are unwilling to deal with an issue that sits under a spotlight for four decades and engulfs the souls of countless innocent children. Hashem yerachaim.

As parents we have every right to expect that accusations of sexual abuse by a rebbe be first verified post haste and then publicized so that we may protect our children from this predator and make informed decisions about where to send our children to yeshiva. In the face of pikuach nefesh; cries of kovod haTorah, chillul hashem and loshon harah have no relevance. To resort to such cries is simply am ha'haretzes and violates the precept not to be a merachaim al ha'achzoir. The issue all of us need to address, lay people and rabbonim alike, is why nothing was done for so many decades and what lessons we can learn from our past mistakes to prevent future catastrophes of this nature.

Respectfully yours,


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Anonymous said...

It will be extremely interesting to see the comments. I have a suspicion that there will be a number who will be outraged at what they perceive as chillul Hashem in even writing this letter, others who will either silently lamnet over this issue or anonymously agree with your points, and yet others who will take the opportunity to append arguments for their own agendas to this post. But with luck there will be more discussion and greater awareness of the problem.


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Salomon will not publicly respond to you. You will be treated like yesterday's garbage: taken out to the dumpster and quickly forgotten by him. In his eyes, you are a michutzaf, a rodeif, a sonei Yisroel, etc. for expertly laying out such a damning chronology.
But, of course, in truth you are great and brave for having done this. Truly we are an orphaned generation to have such a pathetic bunch of worms "leading" us. They collectively couldn't run a candy store at a profit. No courage. No guts. No spine. No backbone. No intelligence. No brains. Nothing. Forty years of absolutely...nothing. Forty years of backing down in the face of a little pressure by a bully who called himself a rabbi. There are no words. We are all speechless.
And it would have continued, if not for UOJ. Let's give the man some credit: he broke this wide open and forced some long-overdue action. All the credit to him. No credit, whatsoever, forever and ever, to all the rabbis who could have investigated and did not. They became facillitators and enablers. And Rabbi Salomon shall lead them.
Woe is to us, when our "leaders" call evil "good", and good "evil." We await our punishment from Heaven for the tears and never-ending pain of dozens of victims of rabbinic child abuse, assisted by 40 years of rabbinic inaction and willful ignorance. God explicitly warns us not to take advantage of the widow, the orphan and the downtrodden in society because He hears their cries immediately and takes swift action. Woe is us for our terrible deeds. Greater woe is us for such blind "leaders" such as these.
I weep for the future, to be subjected to the whim of such rabbinic despots.
They are deaf to the pleas of the abused. Blind to their tears. And very, very dumb.

Anonymous said...

>They are deaf to the pleas of the abused. Blind to their tears. And very, very dumb.

Thus concludes the dumbest of all,

Brainless Shmuel.

Anonymous said...

You sound like uoj on drugs

Anonymous said...


You just read an excellently writen documentation of the kolko/margulies affair and this is your response??? Incredible!!!

You obviously do not give a damn about our children and do not understand how sexual abuse impacts the lives of our children.

You are a shameful disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, the Kolko case is but one of dozens of similar cases. Look at the Awareness Center site, and you will see how many cases of clergy abuse have gone unpunished for decades. Now, these are the cases that were reported and that we know about. Rabbi Salomon mentioned in his speech that there were many cases that the rabbis DID deal with definitively against the perpetrators, and that they were "swept under the carpet". This only magnifies the extent of this problem, that it has reached pandemic proportions. When one reads your letter, it seems like Kolko is the only case, and is a mere aberration. Unfortunately, there are several other cases that include sodomy and tampering with the DA office, such as the Mondrowitz case. This past year, four rebbeim were dismissed from prominent yeshivas, thanks to the efforts of UOJ. There may have been others, we don't know. Until these predators start to feel the heat, that there are genuine consequences to their actions, then this will only continue. We need a solid policy to deter these pedophiles and to protect our children.

Anonymous said...

more chillul hashem and loshon hara. when does this rabbonim bashing stop?

Anonymous said...

"This past year, four rebbeim were dismissed from prominent yeshivas, thanks to the efforts of UOJ."

Having them dismissed from yeshivas should not be considered a victory. In fact, pressuring yeshivas to fire people with no other consequences is just another form of sweeping this problem under the carpet. Does anyone know what these "dismissed rebbeim" are doing now (besides Kolko, who is chaperoning young children to water parks)? Can anyone guarantee that they no longer have access to children, or won't in the future? Nobody should be trying to make deals with yeshivas. They should be going to the authorities and encouraging and supporting others to do so as well.

Anonymous said...

I was not suggesting that their dismissal was an end all or a total victory. It's merely a start. I pointed it out for two reasons: one, to show the enormity of the problem, and two to give credit to UOJ who was the focus of the verbal assault at the convention. If you read on you will see that I said that we need a solid policy of deterrance.

Anonymous said...

i think that you are going to have a very hard time getting any of these rabbis to speak openly and honestly about any particular case for the very obvious reason that many of them probably know or at least suspect that they may have actual legal liability in particular instances. as for policies of deterrance, jail time seems like a good start. and then there is prevention through required background checks--which will only work if people are mandated to report offenders in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church in L.A. recently settled a sexual abuse lawsuit for $60 Million. The suit covered 45 abuse cases involving 22 priests. This amounts to $1.3M per abuse case. If you apply these figures to YTT and other yeshivas involved, they will not only be morally bankrupt, but financially bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

more chillul hashem and loshon hara. when does this rabbonim bashing stop?

When they step up to the platye and put children ahead of respect.

And if you think this post was "bashing" you need reading comprehension lessons. It was perfectly polite, and I commend and congratulate the author.

Anonymous said...

A Two simple word answer for the Masgiach if he really wants the truth:

Ask Shenky

and so it shall be... said...

UOJ, I supported what you have done and support what you are doing.

In this specific case, the ends justify the means 1000 times over.

The Torah teaches us to ridicule avoda zorah. And it appears that the new avodah zorah is ego and kavod. This particualr avodah zorah has left certain Torah leaders completely intoxicated. The result is that your efforts are the greatest kiddush Hashem seen in this generation.

If the chareidim in Yerushalayim consider themselves latter-day incarnaitons of Pinchas, for their "valiant" stand against perversion, imagine what Z'char you are deserving of. There is no greater perversion that rebbeim who molest students and leaders who ignore the tragedy.

Time will prove you a hero. And I thank you for it!

One day everyone will.

Anonymous said...

"Hem Hamdabrim". Money. That's the only concen that prevents our leaders from exposing the truth about molesters. Fear that they will lose supporters and fear that firing and exposing them will expose the yeshivas to countless lawsuits. It's the same logic that allows yeshivahs to post conspicuously large plaques honoring convicted felons (see BMG).

Anonymous said...

I'm a lawyer. The authors of this letter have done an excellent job. They're performed a thorough investigation. The letter is clear and well written. It is highly credible.

I understand your personal need in being anonymous. Only a few have stepped forward and put their names out for the public to see, and let themselves be challenged - people like David Framowitz, Rabbi Blau, Rabbi Dratch, Eli Greenwald, Elliot Pasik, and others who have signed off on the UOJ and other blogs. I've put out my own name several times.

Your letter is serious enough that you should identify yourselves. It will give the letter even more weight. More importantly, you are giving Rabbi Salomon, and all of the others you identify in the letter, the opportunity to say they do not need to respond, since they do not know the identity of their accusers. On the other hand, if you sign the letter, they will, in the eyes of public opinion, be forced to respond, and if they don't, they will be presumed guilty of the negligence and worse that you charge.

They will even have a legitimate point in saying they need not respond since you are anonymous. The legal profession calls this due process.

The Torah says many times, Al tirah, do not be afraid. Others who have put out their names are more than still standing, they're looked upon as anshei chashuvim.

Yasher koach many times over for your hard work, which will reap many benefits for the children.

Anonymous said...

"Al tirah, do not be afraid. "

Easy for you to say, Mr. Anonymous Lawyer!! I'm sure you've never encountered the YTT mafia. Do you have any idea how they managed to muzzle all these victims and their parents for 40 years?

Anonymous said...

It is not so difficult to stand up to the if you really want to and you fear G-D not social pressure, etc.


Anonymous said...

Is any part of this currently in the courts?

Anonymous said...

>Is any part of this currently in the courts?

Most of it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that the Agudah is being disingenious. Parading a few kids that they helped at the convention does not make up for the abuse horrors at our yeshivos that they not only ignored, but actually facilitated by participating in supression of the stories. When forced to respond because of public outcry, Avi Shafran produces a completely insulting letter that does not recognize that victims have suffered. A highlight of this year's Agudah convention was a vague reference to a letter from R' Shraga Feivel zt'l on rabbinical corruption, with Rabbi Wachsmann instructing us not to pay attention to alter maysos from 70 years ago.

Some pro-Agudist rabbonim, who admit they are not familiar with the particulars of the Kolko case, have been pushing an Agudah-inspired fabrication that Kolko stopped associating with children after the NY Magazine article hit the newsstands. This blog pointed out Kolko is still in a predatory position vis a vis children in bathing suits at a water park. It should also be noted that Kolko was also still acting as a proctor of tests of children at Yeshiva of Brooklyn until Rabbi Mandell was threatened by an anonymous askan.

Anonymous said...

Azhara Tzibbur:"Rabbi" L.T from KYTC is also a molester and womanizer, it is so called Rabbi's like this who make a bad name for the many good Rabbeyem out there.

Anonymous said...

What is KYTC?

Anonymous said...

The Masgiach cannot respond to you. First of all he has little first hand knowledge (he is english) second , he would open himself up to every knuclehead in lkwd.
if you keep writing in a respectful manner then you will succeed. i hope for my grandchildren's sake you do

Yisrael said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

One of the real tragedies of this letter and story is that it exposes in such an obvious way how our gedolei Torah now place their own collective reputation above the wellbeing of children.

Our Rabbanim correctly reprove us regularly for mistakes in not giving appropriate kavod to their leadership status. But they themselves have never acknowledged that by numerous obvious mistakes, they are at least partially responsible for the decline in respect for gedolim.

Perhaps one of the underlying problems here is that for the first time in Jewish history, we are meant to believe that human beings, our Rabbonim, are perfect. Da'as Torah apparently has made them almost divine, lehavdil, in their ability to pronounce on all issues and never to make a mistake. When this kind of obvious wrongdoing happens, with this kind of clear halachic and moral failing, the belief in gedolim will always be shaken.

Chazal tell us about the failings of the Avot and Moshe Rabbeinu. Until our Rabbonim understand that they too occasionally get it wrong, they're not going to regain the respect they want.

Our leadership collectively owes the victims of abuse a public apology for its failings.

Anonymous said...

You mean that if the letters are not written with the proper "respect" they are not deemed response-worthy???


Anonymous said...

Upon speaking to reliable sources, I can vouch that at least 90% of the letter is Emes and factual. Most likely, 100% is true.

Anonymous said...

At the very least, would you please send this letter with your full identity to Rav Mattisyahu Solomon? Or, better yet, deliver it personally?

Anonymous said...

The pattern of failure of the rabbinic leadership to respond to the ongoing accusations over three decades is extremely disturbing. Your letter's credibility is enhanced by the specific chronology. When similar accusations surfaced about the OU, and how it dealt with allegations against Baruch Lanner, they created an independent commission to investigate.
If Daas Torah is interpreted that the gedolim can not be questioned then no mechanism exists to evaluate the situation. Perhaps a group of rabbinic authorities who have not been involved and are respected for courage and integrity would be willing to examine the evidence and make suggestions for a future policy. At present no registry exists to ensure that educators and rabbis who have been dismissed from schools and pulpits will not move and take positions in a different community.
Yosef Blau

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What about [...] who tried to beat Kolko up at a bris in Brooklyn a few years ago?

Gil Student said...

As I wrote in the comments to my blog on why I will not link to this blog, if you care so much, whay won't you use your (real) name?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

As your letter shows our Gedolim will not do anything. We are living in Ikvose D'Moshiach and we can only rely on Hakodosh Boruch Hu. To show we can only rely on him we should be mispallel that he take care of the problem by removing the culprits from this world. The only downside is that Rabbi Yehuda Kolko & Rabbi Lipa Margulies would probably have huge levayos and be buried in a choshiveh bais hakevoros in Eretz Yisroel. Then again if they were to have a real Misa Meshuna- there would be nothing to bury.

Anonymous said...

Gil Student said...
As I wrote in the comments to my blog on why I will not link to this blog, if you care so much, whay won't you use your (real) name?


You are ridiculous - now it is because of anonymity that you won't link. Gimme a Break! Perhaps the author is anonymous because of the problem with the system which you appear to be a part of. Perhaps he is not so brave - does that mean that you consider his message ilegitimate?

Gil, you are plain wrong on this.

Does that change the facts of the case - why don't you investigate if you do not believe it?

Anonymous said...

There are no words to describe the evil. No words to console me about the state of Judaism. No words. I feel lost.

Anonymous said...

What about our children? I love how these self righteous people give the benefit of the doubt to the accuser. This is fine if one person somewhere says something about a person. But when the stories are repeated for years and years, we have an obligation to check it and verify. SAying I don't know if it's true is not an excuse.

What about giving the benefit of the doubt to the victims or are their lives worthless. are their precious neshomos that have been destroyed worth less to Hashem than some leaders who have ignored or covered up?

No big deal, right - All these abused children result in more off the derech - at risk - children which the Agudah, etc. has no problem talking about and addressing. But to address a leading contrbuting factor, they say no we can't. This is TIPSHUS GAMOR.

Anonymous said...

I belive that it would be worthwhile to have this letter printed in the forward or similiar news paper andd i guarentee it would make a much bigger impact

Anonymous said...

Buy ad space in the Jewish Week and let them print it right next to Marvin Schick's column. Would be a nice juxtaposition.

Anonymous said...

UOJ gave all these criminals the rope to hang themselves and that's exactly what all of them did. I now believe that Torah Temimah will not survive, nor should they. Time for another Internet asifa.

Gil Student said...

Forget about linking or not. How can anyone take it seriously when it is anonymous? How do we know from where he got this information and how accurate it is?

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that with all due respect to the many Good Rabbayim at Torah Temimah, did anyone have the courage to stage a protest, to speak out, to go on strike? Job security was more important.

In fact, at an internal meeting revolving around the publicity over the Kolko charges, one Rebbi vociferously chalenged one or two suggesting that perhaps it's time for Kolko to go by proclaiming that if he goes, it's open season on all of us and who might be next? That settled it and it was decided that they would fight this crazy blogger known as UOJ.

Where is a Nachshon amongst us?

Anonymous said...


Why are you protecting these lowlifes?

I simply don't understand your self-righteous attitiude.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Unbelievable timeline. I was a student at Karlin Stolin in 78-80, Mir from 80-87, and a camper at Camp Agudah from 81-88... it apears that I kept on just missing Kolko, by the grace of G-d. So this was what was going on when I was a kid? This is what Kaufman, and Fishman and Scheinerman (a rebbe at Mir for a while too, and we suspected Scheinerman was a little too friendly with kids himself) were up to? I also have a newfound respect for R. Avigdor Miller.

I can't believe anyone would err on the side of the Rabbis. I can't believe the parents didn't come down to the schols with guns blazing, literally. If my kid were in a yeshiva where this were going on, I'd have Lippy up against a wall with his balls in his mouth. Ans Kolko would get the Bobbitt Procedure.

This should definitely get published in the papers.

Anonymous said...

Annon at 11:55

Please do not go there.

Anonymous said...

I have one thing to add, and this is to all the right wing "love and respect rabbanim without question" people. If you protect a criminal, you are a criminal, period. Last I checked, if you want kavod, you have to merit it. None of these "so called" rabbonim (and I use that term very loosely) deserves one iota of kavod. They should all be thrown in jail. Lipa Margolis is a piece of garbage. Many years ago, he through a first grader out of YTT because he was sick. He did not want to be bothered. That child died about a year later. AND YOU IDIOTS STICK BY AND DEFEND THESE CREEPS Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

When I said Please do not go there, I meant that you shouldn't call for the killing, etc. This is wrong.

Believe me I am sick of what these thugs have gotten away with. They are rotten scoundrels

Gil Student said...

I'm not protecting anyone. I'm saying put up or shut up. You want to be taken seriously? Give your name and prove your allegations.

Anonymous said...


Are you serious? Put up or shut up? Victims do not talk as a result of the climate in our community. Prove it by presenting the names of the victims? The lawsuit aleady named 2 of them. Why don't you call them.

I think it is time for you to put up or shut up

Gil Student said...

This letter was not written by a victim. It was written by a concerned community member/parent.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what type of power this Jewish Mafia has - do they pay off the victims to shut up, or threaten them with being whacked? I was abused in 7th grade and I punched out the teacher, blackmailed him for A marks, and publicized it to my classmates. I should have reported it to the principal but we all see how effective that is. To this day I don't forget that experience and think that it is most fitting to use real mafia tactics against these poisonous insects. I hesitate to use the graphic details but while it may be hard for you to imagine what I'm talking about, any victim will have a pretty good picture.....

Anonymous said...


We know that the letter writer is not a victim, but that doesn't change the fact that he can not present the names of the victims and the victims are afraid to speak.

If you were serious about this, you would call the victims. Call Framowitz or are you afraid to find out the truth????

Anonymous said...

Gil if you had followed Mendlowitz's blog (uoj) you would notice that he published a few well written posts. It should be obvious those posts were not written by Mendlowitz. My guess is they were written by an associate of Manilow such as E.G., Ben Hirsch, or E. Pasik.

I would guess the same here, in addition only E.G., Ben Hirsch, or E. Pasik (or some else still unknown) would know the full timeline of kolko's abuses.

Three lawsuits have been filed, there are four victims in this 'open letter' looks like it is the three victims who filed the lawsuit against kolko. Their names have been published, compare the ages with the timeline in this post.

Looks like the writer is someone in the Mendlowitz camp.

Anonymous said...

Eecerpt from the letter. This is mind boggling!!!

2001 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, takes a young Yeshiva Torah Temimah student under his wing (name withheld at the request of the victim) and begins removing him from class for “special projects.” These special projects include the boy being sexually molested by Kolko in the basement of the Yeshiva, in Rabbi Kolko’s car and in Rabbi Kolko’s private office, which Rabbi Lipa Margulies has conveniently equipped with its own private bathroom. This young man is currently in therapy and hopes to be able to recover enough to be able to get married and start a family.
anon | 12.05.06 - 5:49 pm | #

Anonymous said...

The entire civilized world is in the Mendlowitz/UOJ camp. His grandfather RSFM's letter was distributed at the Agudah Convention dealing with rabbinic abuse. It is only fitting that he continues R'Shraga Feivel's work. Yasher koach R' Feivel if you are UOJ, you are a giant.
A friend and former classmate.

Gil Student said...

We know that the letter writer is not a victim, but that doesn't change the fact that he can not present the names of the victims and the victims are afraid to speak.

So why won't he put his name on his letter?

A reader has to connect the dots between this post and posts on a different blog, compare timelines, etc.? That's ludicrous. If you have something to say, say it and say it right. Otherwise you undermine your own cause.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Twerski, where are you now?

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that for those who are on Kolko's side, there is no proof in the world that will satisfy them of his guilt - short of a mea culpa. Even if there were a video tape, they would say "big deal, anyone with a computer could create that."

Harry Maryles said...

great post. wrote about it on my blog at:
and linked it to this post.

Anonymous said...

To Gil Student and his ilk I say have you ever heard of the witness protection program. That is where this blogger would have to go if he gave his name out. You just don't understand the mentality of the people involved here.

You and Maryles are part of the YU world where people speak their minds and its OK and are perhaps even encouraged to think critically and challenge and question Rabbinic authority.

Not so in the right wing world. As soon as this blogger gives his name out the ostracizers, excommunicators shidduch, job, business and school destroyers will go into overdrive.

Don't you see they can't deal with the truth so the only thing they can do is suppress it.

I know its not your intention but many of those prodding anonymous bloggers posters and commenters to reveal themselves are merely waiting to turn around and destroy them. Just look at what happened to those victims who trusted Fishman. Do you need a better example.

In truth one of the main sources of the power of the internet-- and why the right wing are so terrified of it-- is precisely because its anonymous and they can't control the content.

The truth is surfacing whether the right wing like it or not. The overwhelming power of that truth is beginning to overwhelm the right whether they know it or like it or not.

The Agudah is on thin ice. Like the letter writer said this is just the tip of the iceberg, when the full truth comes out all of these coverup artists in their various stripes will not have a vestige of credibility left.

Anonymous said...

Gil, you said you looked for UOJ at the Convention but was not there. You know him? Ask him to verify the info!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you call up your good friend Chaim Neuhoff and have him verify all of the details on this blog so that you can link to it?

I am surprised this chronology left out Tuvya and the asifa with Ohel and Dean Twerski.

Anonymous said...

The chronology didn't just leave out "Tuvya" Chaim Neuhoff, but also his obscenity laced counter-weblog from your local "heimishe" yeshiva, YTT, bankrolled & directed by gangster-in-chief Lipa Margulies.

Anonymous said...

I guess the blog didn't talk about Tuvya b/c it didn't want to be accused of endorsing bizuy chachomim and chilul hashem and thievery.

Anonymous said...

UOJ is now in semi-retirement, but every so often, a major event like the Agudah convention forces him to emerge. I say that if Gil Student let's his cannon loose with another stupid post here, UOJ should give him a flogging with a new blog entry.

Blowhards of the world unite! Where's Shea "Climate Control" Fishman when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Which words didn't you peons understand?

Repeat after me:

Rabbi Lipa Margulies is an honorable man.

Isn't it amazing that I have no shaychus to psychology and abuse issues, but Margo was able to pull the wool over the eyes of the parent body by having me show up to that circus forum last year?

Anonymous said...

Please stop debating with Gil. He's intransigent on this point. I understand a person being afraid to reveal his identity. These people are very dangerous. They have the mentality of mafiosi. The Tanach tells us how Jews murdered each other once upon a time. We are not far from that now. I would imagine that these guys believe murder is justified for defaming a 'talmid chUcham.' You were brave to publish at all. Besides that, nothing is going to come of this unless the secular authorities intervene or the law suits mount. Just study the history of the Catholic church on similar issues. We are no different.

For the guy that is losing hope, that's exactly what happens in the end of days. "You will have nowhere to turn." Consider the fulfillment of the prophecy to be hopeful. We never were supposed to base our faith on men, even rabbanim. Just rely on God. Justice will come some day. If people are all rotten, so be it. We need to move from this obsession with rabbis anyway.


one more thing. i really appreciate the support i have seen through sites like these.

Anonymous said...

Have you discovered a silver lining in your experience that you would share?


i wish every day that i could find some closure, or a "silver lining".

Anonymous said...


As an attorney, you should not be commenting at all. PLEASE consult with your attorney before saying anything to anyone! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Don't say another word.

Anonymous said...

The collective leadership among "charedim" is responsible for letting "hot Kolko" run rampant all these years. Those of us who grew up in that are of the world knew about this 30 or more years ago and no one stood up for us then and the so called "gedolim" are sitting on it now.

I was abused by a pedophile that the "gedolim" swept under the rug.

I suffer for it today.

Kovod is something that is earned.

This particular set of Rabbonim are not doing their share to earn it from the lay people, only from the right wing by pandering to religious excess.

To be a Godol Hador one is required to LEAD.

They are not demonstrating that they are leaders.

R' Solomon shlita has the ability to lead. He has the backing of the Kehila. Let's watch and see if he takes this opportunity to create an environment to encourage people to rally around the Rabonim or if he squanders it.

The details are there for his reading and action.

All of us are watching.

I hope he steps up.

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for you, and has been for a while. Keep strong and finish what you started.

Anonymous said...

Bless you Izzy, the Jews need more brave guys like you.

Anonymous said...

I can name the names of the Rabbonim who buried it the first time he was caught. I can name the Rabbonim that told me I was a Rodeph if I agreed to cooporate with the State.

They don't know who I am. They don't know the 7 other 8-13 years olds that they exposed to this predetaor Yimach Shmoh.

And they will never be able to ask me mechilah.

And I hope that some day I will find it in my heart to be moichel them. I can't yet.

I can name the Rabbonim that buried other molesters . They are "name brands". They are what we would call "Dass Torah". I choose not to name them because I can't see a positive outcome to that.

Nor do I have to. Many of them are already named in various blogs.

R' Matisyahu as the "outsider" and the other Gedolim have a golden opportunity here to stick up for the children.

If they don't they may never find out from who they need to ask mechilah.

Folks, this is REAL. This is not about El Al, seperate sidewalks, Women Tefillah groups, questions on Bereishis.

This about your kids. This about Leadership. This is about standing up for the "little people", literally. This is about Torah defending the defenseless.

If we can get this done as a blogging community, without disparaging remakrs and degenerating to name calling, we will have vindicated ourselves to those who criticize our community's existence.

Let us pray for Hashem to guide our generations Sages down a sagely path.

Anonymous said...

Anon, if I understood what justice meant I might pursue it.

The only "justice" I hope for is ensuring that everything is done to prevent further atrocities.

It has not happened.

It can be done.

"The truth shall set you free...."

Many of us gathered here cannot understand the level of pain and anger that might cause people to "bash" Gedolim.

I could.

I choose not to.

Please don't criticize those who do, it is an outlet for their pain.

Anonymous said...

Dear A Reader:

Justice as I understand it in this instance is two fold.

First we must prevent these animals from harming any more children and we do this using the secular legal system. Jeffrey Herman has been a G-d send and is a mentsch to boot.

Second, we punish these animals for what they have done in the past by making them pay.

True, in the past tactics of intimidation may have worked to keep victims silent. Look around you and you will clearly see that this is no longer so. We have stood up to the bad guys and we are winning battle after battle.

I know that you carry an unbearable burden daily and can only offer you the hope of some small measure of peace as you see justice done.

Call Jeff Herman at 305-931-2200 and discuss your situation with him in confidence. At a minimum you will help fellow victims.

Anonymous said...

A Reader,

You should email uoj (a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com) he has helped a friend of mine, and
i'm sure he will help you. He will help you get your life back in order, even if you dn't want to pursue your case through the legal system.

Anonymous said...

Kol Hakovod for taking the time to write this open letter. May Hashem grant you many long years of enjoyment with your grandchildren and may he grant quick justice to all the criminals involved in this sordid affair that can only be termed a chilul hashem.

Anonymous from Israel

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree with Israel / Izzy. Torah Temimah was started with a corrupt foundation - the genayvos from Torah Vodaath. Margulies continued his legacy of corruption and abominable acts in the decades since.

Why should ANYONE in their right mind support or send their children to this "yeshiva"?

Hayotzei min hatomei, tomei.

Anonymous said...

Your statement about Rabbi Scheinerman is simply incorrect. I have first hand knowledge. Rabbi Scheinerman himself started the shul and raised the money for it. Nobody offered him anything and nobody demanded anything of him in return.

Anonymous said...

Powerful rabbonim have been protecting several prominant sexual predators over the years, Kolko is but one. If people do basic research into cases like the Shmuel Juravel, Matis Weinberg and Alan J. Horowitz you would discover that there is a real problem.

Rabbi Alan J. Horowitz is currently on the NY 100 most wanted list and is the most dangerous convicted pedophile Orthodox Rabbi on the loose today. He has been protected by the establishment for years who even relocated him to the Ohr Somayach campus in Monsey after his first conviction.

jewishwhistleblower said...

There are many good rabbonim and community leaders who want this to change but they are afraid to act publicly.

What bloggers like UOJ and this new blog do appears to be the only way to address it. Our current leadership is a symptom and part of that problem.

How do we fight an organized powerful connected group that has protected predators and silenced survivors/victims? Sexual predators who get the resources and assistance of the powerful community leadership? Sexual predators who are assisted in geting parnasah and relocation when things get too hot for them in the community? People like sexual predators Shmuel Juravel and Rabbi Alan J. Horowitz.

jewishwhistleblower said...

Bloggers are not a journalists and we make no claim to be journalists. Do you have to believe anything UOJ or I or any blogger say? Absolutely not. Does a blog posting = the NY Times? Do blog posting have more credibility than a person standing on a soapbox on the corner ranting? So what is your point? UOJ gains credibilty by the fact that allegations he posts are found credible.

Does our constitution or Jewish law require you to give your name and address to those you fight who protect and our sexual predators? UOJ has no obligation whatsoever to give up a name. As long as UOJ speaks the truth, UOJ’s speech is protected.

Anonymous said...

Kolko is only one example of a serial molester being protected by the Establishment. There are some more notorious cases such as Mondrowitz, Brenner, Sobel and Bryks, to name but a few. In those cases, the molestation was more vicious and in some cases, included sodomy. Then there are similar ones to Kolko, such as Nussbaum, Lazerowitz and Eiseman. The problem I have with this letter, which is well written, is that it addresses only the Kolko case, as if it were the only one.

jewishwhistleblower said...

Even Moshe Rabeinu when he saw a fellow Jew being beaten by an Egyptian acted anonymously. He looked to the right, he looked to the left and only then did he act and killed the Egyptian. This is a Torah example of our ability and responsibility to act even anonymously when we can protect the lives of fellow Jews. I would note that when Moshe was in danger of being "outed" he fled had to flee Egypt.

Ultimately, it is the survivors who will tell their stories. The problem is finding and organizing them. Many of us have been aware of several of those named on the UOJ blog, we have no doubt based on our information that those particular people should be named. Our problem is that we either lack sufficient documentation or survivors willing to come forward. The consequences for any one person coming forward are significant. If UOJ or others are able to gather and organize a group of survivors they should be praised for that effort.

jewishwhistleblower said...

Ellie Hiller, was the whistle-blower, in the Lanner case. Did using his own name end Lanner? Do you recall what the leadership of the community did to Ellie and his family? Did it stop Lanner? No he contined to abuse children for another decade.

Have you seen what Jewish Renewal and Rabbi Berman did to Gafni’s opponents?

How about what Rabbi Fuerst did to Aaron Thomas in Chicago? And who is reporting or taking action on that outrage?

The Jewish community needs bloggers simply because our leadership refuses to address these problems. Are UOJs and JWBs a good thing? Absolutely not. It means our community leadership has utterly and completly failed us. The fact that we exist and are taken seriously means a vaccum exists and as all vaccums, it is ultimately filled. Untill our community chooses to have any mechanism for dealing with these problems, we are it.

jewishwhistleblower said...

The standards by which we speak and make statements do not need to rise to the level required in the Washington Post. Further, I would make the claim that so far UOJ has a far better record in a few months than the Jewish Press or Jewish Voice and Opinion after years, even decades.

What distinguishes anonymous UOJ from the anonymous Jewish Press editorial board?

1) UOJ does not claim to be a journalist nor claim to adhere to any such journalistic standards.

2) UOJ has a far better track record.

UOJ’s campaign is no different that hundreds that have been conducted by private citizens in similar circumstances in other religions communities. The only unique aspect is that he is doing it it the Orthodox Jewish community.

jewishwhistleblower said...

We are entitled, in fact obligated by Jewish law to speak out against evil. But no where are we required to do so where we would be putting ourselves in danger. And if we gave out our names, we would be. No where are we required to meet some jourtnalistic standard. Not according to the Constitution, not according to halacha.

It’s easy to say UOJ has disregard for the cause for which he’s ostensibly fighting, but based on the information he claims to have, where would you suggest he take it? What community institution would do anything? What journalists? The journalists in Baltimore won’t even touch the Shmuel Juravel because they know the consequences to them in that community.

jewishwhistleblower said...

Who took down Tendler, Gafni and Kolko? Ultimately, their survivors. But who found and organized and supported them? Who gathered and publicized information?

Who publicly exposed them? Who isolated them? Who was responsible for their downfall?

Bloggers get some credit in these cases and clearly had a positive contribution to make.

jewishwhistleblower said...

It appears UOJ contacted the institutions involved, gave them a week to address the allegations and then made it public. As far as I know, that is more than is required by Jewish law in making such allegations public. Particularly, when leaders of these institutions have previously been approached and the immediate danger which according to the allegations exists.

jewishwhistleblower said...

I would note that as to credibility, Mordecai Tendler attempted to launch legal action against myself and other bloggers. We retained legal counsel fought back and Tendler dropped his legal actions, literally fleeing, and was found liable for our legal costs which will likely be around $50,000.

As part of our blogger court filings against Tendler, we filed the Affidavits of 2 prominant named rabbonim as to the failure of our community to deal with abuse, the severe consequences for those who speak out and the need for anonymity for whistleblowers and bloggers like us.

What we have done is right and proper. We acted no different than Moshe Rabbeinu in anonymously saving lives. The community is responsible for us, they have chosen not to have any mechanism to deal with sexual predators.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened with those lawsuits filed in May?

jewishwhistleblower said...

Bloggers are here to stay.

Read our litigation success against Tendler here: http://www.citizen.org/litigation/forms/cases/CaseDetails.cfm?cID=223

UOJ, JWB, this blog and many, many others will continue to encourgage othere in the long fight to protect the vulnerable in our community. This will be a long, hard fight, but make no mistake, we will win.

Our voices can not be silenced.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. CZS,
I don't know what first hand knowledge you have, However Mr. Scheinerman was approached by the Flatbush contingent of The Luxor Estate lemmings (who at that time were still in Sheldrake Dorms)to be their Rabbi. The reasons why he removed himself from the Kolko case is exactly as is written in the letter to Solomon. I know this because he said it to me.

Anonymous said...

Can s/o please explain why R' Margulies chose to remain silent all these years?

Anonymous said...

Because he is a power hungry disturbed evil person who does not give a true damn for the children under his charge but rather cares for his school's image under all else!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can s/o please explain why R' Margulies chose to remain silent all these years?
Because there is serious dirt on him.

Anonymous said...

· 2001 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, takes a young Yeshiva Torah Temimah student under his wing (name withheld at the request of the victim) and begins removing him from class for “special projects.” These special projects include the boy being sexually molested by Kolko in the basement of the Yeshiva, in Rabbi Kolko’s car and in Rabbi Kolko’s private office, which Rabbi Lipa Margulies has conveniently equipped with its own private bathroom.


I think criminal charges are in order. No statute of limitations here.

Anonymous said...

Mr. CZS,

I can confirm as well the Scheinerman story is as written in the letter.

He was threatened that he would lose any potential to open a shul ever and therefore backed down.

Why don't you ask R' Scheinerman what he recalls about the threats. I am sure a chosuv Rav like him wouldn't lie.

Anonymous said...

"Rabbi Scheinerman himself started the shul and raised the money for it."

Isn't Scheinerman just a figurehead who has all the bills paid by Davidowitz ?

Anonymous said...

Pray do tell - exactly what dirt is their on Margo that hasn't emerged on UOJ's blog ?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened with those lawsuits filed in May?

Anonymous said...


It's his buddy Ken Menken that has Harry Maryles all upset at UOJ and Vicki. That's why he doesn't want you mentioning the Awareness Center list on his rag of a blog.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting when these bloggers have a hidden agenda that takes a while to sort out. Steven J. Weiss (Canonist blog) was also going ape over UOJ. It then emerged that Weiss was a long time ben bayis by Israel Singer who is a frequent target of UOJ.

Anonymous said...

What dirt is there on Margo that UOJ hasn't covered ?

For starters, there are stories that were only alluded to, like Margo's abuse of the federal lunch program, eg., tampering with packaging so he could illegally sell raisins to the bochurim that were supposed to be free.

Don't think for a second that Kolko wouldn't pull a Dovid Schick if he got indicted and spill the beans on Margo to protect his own tuchess.

It wouldn't surprise me if Lippy Geldwerth has made similar calculations.

Anonymous said...

But didn't it occur to R' Margulies that sooner or later the ---- will hit the fan, like it did? I also question why the Novominsker Rebbe didn't put the matter into the capable hands of s/o in Flatbush, if he felt that as a Boro Parker he shouldn't be involved? Would he have let it go if it was his child abused?

Anonymous said...

Menken confessed(tshuva in jew talk)to R' Shmuel Kaminetsky). Perhaps Harry M. can find the time to call the great rabbi, the rabbi responsible for moving Eiseman from Philly to Baltimore.
JWB, take comfort that you are lauded by everyone who was blessed with the ability to think. Not enough people IMO.

Anonymous said...

I have privately researched every one of those named on The Awareness Center list. The only one that I'm skeptical about is Eisgrau, who's daughter's claims may not be credible. The rest of them have a preponderence of evidence stacked against them, from eyewitness accounts, police reports and press clippings.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: A lawsuit was filed today against YTT for abuse by Kolko that took place in 2003.

Anonymous said...

This is an excerpt from the Affidavit of a prominant Rav that was filed in our court action with Tendler. This is an answer to Rabbi Student's comments:

5. I have personally spoken with too many victims of abuse who were afraid to come forward publicly because they feared such repercussions and how they could impact on them personally, as well as fearing the consequences to their children and families. This counterattack often comes in the form of social ostracism and ad hominem attacks. It may even, at times, come from the organized community in the form of cherem or excommunication.

Anonymous said...

6. But the sort of more formal sanctions and exclusion from institutions such as schools, businesses or places of employment that Rabbi Blau discusses are not the only ways in which members of our community may feel threatened for speaking publicly about the problems of abuse. Equally intimidating are the campaigns of personal harassment that are conducted anonymously and directed at those whose public expressions the harassers disapprove. It is, sad to say, all too common for members of our community to be the targets of anonymous phone calls, knocking on one’s door late at night or in the small hours of the morning, campaigns to discredit the speaker, and the like.

Anonymous said...

7. This is not a worry that only unimportant individuals in our community may have. For example, I recently had the opportunity to consult with four very prominent rabbis, major figures in the Orthodox Jewish community, whose religious and Jewish legal opinions are often sought and always well respected. My question dealt with an issue in an ongoing abuse scandal. While each one had a specific opinion regarding the matter, one that would be of tremendous help to the victims, each of them was unwilling to have his name made public. They feared reprisal and retaliation.

Anonymous said...

"I have privately researched every one of those named on The Awareness Center list...The rest of them have a preponderence of evidence stacked against them, from eyewitness accounts, police reports and press clippings."

The case against Menken looks rather flimsy. It was begun as a rumor by Luke Ford, seemingly as revenge for Menkens support for Eisgrua, and has no eyewitness accounts, police reports or press connected to it.

Do you know something we dont? (Other than a repeated rumor?)

Anonymous said...

What's with the lawsuit? Civil or Criminal court? Why don't they just go to the police? Federal or State court? etc etc

Anonymous said...

I went to the website of NY State unified court system. I searched under Kolko & Margulies but there are no filings in 2006. I then tried searching under "yeshiva". Some interesting suits came up, like vs. Simcha Klor, but nothing on Tora Temima.

Anonymous said...

What dirt is there on Margo that UOJ hasn't covered ?

For starters, there are stories that were only alluded to, like Margo's abuse of the federal lunch program, eg., tampering with packaging so he could illegally sell raisins to the bochurim that were supposed to be free.

It's actually worse than that.

Anonymous said...

Federal case against Rabbi Yehuda Kolko; Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah, Inc., is in the United States District Court: Eastern District of New York: Judge J. Townes: Case #CV-06-2215

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: A lawsuit was filed today against YTT for abuse by Kolko that took place in 2003.

Anonymous said...

UOJ has the complaint on his site.


Anonymous said...

Federal case against Rabbi Yehuda Kolko; Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah, Inc. F/K/A Yeshiva Torah Vodaath of Flatbush, Inc; and Camp Agudah, Inc., is in the United States District Court: Eastern District of New York: Judge J. Townes: Case #CV06-2096


Anonymous said...

Judge Townes no longer has his name on the court website's chambers list. Judge Go is still there who is presiding over another case with Margo.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the posting on UOJ has been removed already.

Anonymous said...


This website lets you look up the cases against Kolko & Margo, but there are subscription & user fees through Pacer that are not cheap.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any new lawsuit

Anonymous said...


This is the UOJ entry.

Anonymous said...

>The case against Menken looks
>rather flimsy.

Quite the contrary, he confessed. Ask R' Shmuel Kaminetsky, ask rav Hopfer. Get a written statement that it is not true. Get a statement from them that he is fit to work with young girls and women and counsel them. I dare you.

There are many other rabbonim who are aware of the confession as well. I am tempted to say more but at least they have chosen to seperate from him, even though they remain silent.

Anonymous said...

What did Margo do that was worse than hawking raisins from Uncle Sam ?

Anonymous said...

Margo's also guilty of being a fat goofball who scrambles out to the NY Times box on OCean Pkwy and back, thinking that no one sees him. The slob is embarrassed if the heimishe oylam finds out that he reads a tzeitung, but it's no problem if Kolko is molesting little yingerlach in the YTT boiler room.

Anonymous said...

It's time to take down the mafia clans and propaganda organs that are protecting and providing safe haven to molesters like Kolko, Tendler & Bryks. Let's start with:

The corrupt Iggud Harabbonim beis din

Jerry Greenwald's Jewish Fress newspaper

Anonymous said...

My friends - you are wrong about Rabbi Scheinerman, you just are. For starters, Sheldrake Dorms was not a frum colony when his shul started. Nobody was there. The Luxor people didn't show up until years later.

Regardless, I can only tell you that I have personal factual knowledge. You are just plain wrong. Immature and silly jokes about others paying his bills shows the mentality you are coming from.

Anonymous said...

CZS: Moshe Scheinerman is welcome to defend himself if he disputes events as described in the letter. Others have stepped forward and confirmed their first hand knowledge of events as depicted.

Anonymous said...

Defend himself against whom? People who do not have the courage to put a name to an accusation? Some anaymous people make outlandish remarks here clearly missing basic facts (as noted above about Sheldrake Dorms) and he should defend himself to a bunch of cowardly ghosts in cyberspace?

There is a lot to be said for the blogosphere. But let's not overlook the fact that it allows us to base arguments on assertions instead of evidence.

I know the man well and I know the history of the shul just as well. If you wish to besmerch the character of a respected Rov, at least offer some evidence. An "I told you so" where we don't even know who the "I" is hardly rises to the level of a credible accusation that warrants an intelligent response.

Anonymous said...

The rumors started here about a new lawsuit are false. Nothing was filed today in federal (EDNY/SDNY) or state court against Kolko or YTT.

Anonymous said...

Case No. 37492/06 in John Doe No. 4 v. Torah Temimah

Anonymous said...

It looks like Margo's days at YTT are numbered. Let him take Appelgrad, Kleinman and Neuhoff with him.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Salomon's speech:

A transcript of that speech:

Anonymous said...

which court was it filed in? be specific please.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that there was a case filed????

Anonymous said...


Nothing on Jeff Herman's website about a new lawsuit or on UOJ.

Anonymous said...

"protecting and providing safe haven to molesters like Kolko, Tendler & Bryks."

Rabbi Moishe Faskowitz in Hillcrest / Fresh Meadows, Queens who is Tendler's cousin, resigned from the RCA to protest Tendler's expulsion & lets Bryks give shiurim in his shul.

Rabbi Mendel Kaufman of Young Israel of Briarwood, Queens also lets Bryks give shiurim in his shul and Bryks also uses a shul in Kew Gardens Hills as a launch pad, where the rov, Rabbi Sptalny is no longer alive.

The biggest chutzpa is that Bryks is in charge of 2 mikvos in Kew Gardens, one in his house and one in Rabbi Ashkenazy's shul near the Forest Hills border. The NYPD should search the mikvos for hidden cameras.

Anonymous said...

steve said...
Kolko is only one example of a serial molester being protected by the Establishment. There are some more notorious cases such as Mondrowitz, Brenner, Sobel and Bryks, to name but a few. In those cases, the molestation was more vicious and in some cases, included sodomy. Then there are similar ones to Kolko, such as Nussbaum, Lazerowitz and Eiseman. The problem I have with this letter, which is well written, is that it addresses only the Kolko case, as if it were the only one.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006 6:18:00 PM IST
thank you steve for raising a great point but i think that the kolko issue was the symbol story of uoj for he had so much info from victims that came forward. anyhow great peice and lets keep this fight going for the sake of our innocent yiddesher kinderlich.


Anonymous said...

"The biggest chutzpa is that Bryks is in charge of 2 mikvos in Kew Gardens"

At least one of these mikvaos is under the Vaaad Harabbonim of Queens. The shuls that Bryks hangs out in are also Vaad affiliated shuls. The Vaad posek is Rabbi Herschel Welcher from Kew Gardens Hills and another big macher there is Rabbi Richmond from the 5 Towns.

Let them know it is an outrage that Bryks has anything to do with the Vaad.


(718) 520-9060

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that most recently, Margulies lied to R' Shmuel Kaminetzky, saying he would ask Rav Elyashev for his advice on how to proceed, when he of course had no intention of placing that call.

Margulies & Kolko then ignored Mechon Lehoroyo.

A Jew that refuses to cooperate with Bais Din is labeled a Mesarev L'Din, one who contempts Bais Din. The Mesarev transgresses numerous Torah laws including: Al Pi Hatorah Asher Yorucha, Uvasa El Hashofet Asher Yehiyeh Bayamim Hahem, Ad Haelokim Yovo Dvar Shnayhem,Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof (All found in parshios Mishpatim and Shoftim).

In mesarev is put in a type of chayrem min hashomoyim, even if he is not put in a formal chayrem from beis din shel matah.

The Talmud Bavli (Moed Katan 17A) expounds upon the frightening nature of Cherem. Says Rav, "Shamta (The proclamation of Cherem) is a death curse". Shmuel says, "It bespeaks utter destruction". Reish Lakish says "The curse of Cherem affects all 248 limbs of the individual as is illustrated by the fact that the letters Ches, Resh, Mem equal in numerology (Gematria) 248. However, when the sinner repents, these same letters may be rearranged to spell Rachem - mercy, as he has freed himself of the curse of Cherem. The Shulchan Orech (Yoreh Deah Chap. 334) instructs us regarding an individual placed in Niduy (the lesser degree of Cherem) that except for his wife and children, one may not sit next to him within a distance of four amos. One may not share food and drink with him. He is not counted for a Minyan or a Mezumin. He is forbidden to wash his clothing or to wear freshly laundered clothes or to take a haircut, just as though he were in mourning.

We publicize those who sin in this manner so as to publicly shame them. The community is obligated to shun a Mesarev and thereby reaffirm its allegiance to Bais Din and Torah Law.

Veal aylu neemar, veshaim reshoyim yirkav.

Anonymous said...

i would like to know what is kolko and margo doing now? it is such a shame that even with all the publicity no one is doing anything

Anonymous said...

If Rav Solomon is so concerned about kovod HaTayre, I wonder what he has to say about these miscreants Margo & Kolko who feif on batei dinim.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted a comment on Harry Maryles blog that UOJ's kid was molested by Kolko. Is there any truth to that? Did UOJ even have any sons in Brooklyn before he moved to the West Coast?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the posts on Harry Maryles Haemtza blog, someone there makes an excellent point. How do you expect Rav Solomon to say a word about Kolko, Margo and the larger problem when R' Sholom Feivel hasn't said a single word. It wouldn't bode well for the mashgiach's job security if he rubs the brother the wrong way, his boss R' Dovid Schustal.

Anonymous said...

"Ask R' Shmuel Kaminetsky, ask rav Hopfer. Get a written statement that it is not true."

Are you telling me that you asked Rav Shmuel if a person confessed something like this to him and R Shmuel simply turned to you and said "Yeah, he did that"? Do you take me for a fool? Do you think R Shmuel would simply inform whoever asks that someone confessed a sin to him? All you have now is to claim that some Rabbis know that he did it. How do YOU know? Did you speak to those Rabbis? and if so, did they tell you point blank that he did these things?

Anonymous said...


Index No. 37492/06

by and through his natural parents and guardians, and by his MOTHER and FATHER individually,

Plaintiffs, v.



Plaintiffs, JOHN DOE NO. 4, by and through his natural parents and guardians, and by his MOTHER and FATHER individually, by and through their attorneys, Herman & Mermelstein, P.A. and Gallet, Dreyer and Berkey, LLP, hereby file this Complaint against Defendant YESHIVA & MESIVTA TORAH TEMIMAH, INC., and state as follows:


1. JOHN DOE NO. 4 ("JOHN" or "JOHN DOE"), is a minor child residing in the State of New York.

2. Plaintiffs, JOHN DOE's MOTHER and JOHN DOE's FATHER, are individuals residing in the State of New York. They are the natural parents and guardians of JOHN, and bring this action on his behalf and in their individual capacities.

3. Plaintiffs demand damages in this action in excess of $10 million.

4. Plaintiffs bring this action anonymously to protect their identities because the allegations herein concern the sensitive matter of sexual abuse upon a minor.

5. At all material times, Defendant, YESHIVA & MESIVTA TORAH TEMIMAH, INC. ("TORAH TEMIMAH"), was a New York not-for-profit religious corporation
organized and existing pursuant to the Religious Corporation Law of the State of New York. At all material times, TORAH TEMIMAH was a Jewish day school with its principal place of business in Brooklyn, New York. At all material times, RABBI KOLKO's was an agent, employee, or appointee of TORAH TEMIMAH in his capacities as rabbi, teacher, and/or counselor at the school.


6. JOHN DOE's parents enrolled JOHN as a student in TORAH TEMIMAH. RABBI KOLKO was a rabbi and teacher at TORAH TEMIMAH.

7. JOHN and his parents placed their trust in TORAH TEMIMAH. In particular, they reposed trust and confidence in the fidelity and integrity of RABBI KOLKO. With the authorization and knowledge of TORAH TEMIMAH, RABBI KOLKO accepted this trust and confidence and used it to gain influence with JOHN, as well as assume control and responsibility over him.

8. During the 2003-04 school year, JOHN was sexually abused by RABBI KOLKO. The abuse took place on TORAH TEMIMAH's premises. At that time, JOHN was in early elementary school at TORAH TEMIMAH.

9. RABBI KOLKO's position of trust and confidence, together with his unfettered access to JOHN at TORAH TEMIMAH, facilitated him in committing the heinous sexual abuse.

10. At all material times, TORAH TEMIMAH knew or should have known that RABBI KOLKO sexually abused young male students under his supervision or control. TORAH TEMIMAH knew or should have known of RABBI KOLKO's dangerous sexual predisposition and/or that he was unfit, dangerous and a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the minors entrusted to his counsel, care and protection at TORAH TEMIMAH.

11. Upon information and belief, TORAH TEMIMAH, through its leader, Rabbi Lipa Marguiles, knew for a period of over 25 years before JOHN was abused of multiple credible allegations of sexual abuse and pedophilia against Rabbi Kolko, yet continued to employ Rabbi Kolko as an elementary school teacher and give him unfettered access to young children. Rabbi Marguiles, in concert with Rabbi Kolko, additionally engaged in tactics of intimidation, threats, coercion and misrepresentations over a period of years with the intent of squelching any complaints or civil claims concerning Rabbi Kolko's misconduct. Such acts and omissions demonstrate extreme gross negligence, recklessness, and/or wanton, willful and malicious conduct, as to be the equivalent of a conscious disregard of the rights of others.


12. Plaintiff repeats and re-alleges, as if fully set forth herein, each and every allegation contained in the above Paragraphs 1 through 11.

13. At all material times, the Defendant TORAH TEMIMAH owed a duty to JOHN to use reasonable care to ensure his safety, care, well-being and health while he was under its care, custody or in the presence of their agents or employees. TORAH TEMIMAH's duties encompassed the hiring, appointment, retention and/or supervision of RABBI KOLKO and otherwise providing a safe environment for JOHN.

14. TORAH TEMIMAH exercised physical care and custody over JOHN as a minor child who was enrolled in the school. As a result, TORAH TEMIMAH took the position and responsibility of JOHN's parents for his care and well being while in its charge.

15. TORAH TEMIMAH breached this duty of care by failing to protect the minor JOHN from sexual assault and lewd and lascivious acts committed by their agent and/or employee, RABBI KOLKO. Despite its knowledge regarding RABBI KOLKO's dangerous propensities, TORAH TEMIMAH failed to take any remedial action, conduct a good faith investigation, and/or place restrictions on RABBI KOLKO's duties and interactions with minors.

16. At all relevant times, TORAH TEMIMAH had grossly inadequate policies and procedures to protect children entrusted to its care and protection, including JOHN.

17. As a direct and proximate cause of TORAH TEMIMAH's failure to remove RABBI KOLKO from his duties and/or otherwise take remedial action upon receiving allegations of sexual abuse against RABBI KOLKO, JOHN was sexually abused.

18. The sexual abuse has caused and will cause JOHN to suffer past, present and future severe and permanent psychological and emotional injuries, as well as attendant economic losses.


19. Plaintiff JOHN DOE repeats and re-alleges, as if fully set forth herein, each and every allegation contained in the above Paragraphs 1 through 18.

20. At all relevant times, RABBI KOLKO occupied and accepted a position as fiduciary to JOHN as his counselor, advisor and teacher, in a relationship of trust and confidence.

21. TORAH TEMIMAH knew that RABBI KOLKO had a fiduciary relationship with JOHN, and in fact authorized RABBI KOLKO to act as its agent in counseling and advising JOHN. Accordingly, TORAH TEMIMAH was also in a fiduciary relationship with JOHN.

22. TORAH TEMIMAH breached its fiduciary duty to JOHN by allowing RABBI KOLKO to serve as JOHN's rabbi, teacher, counselor, and advisor, despite knowledge of his dangerous sexual propensities.

23. As a direct and proximate cause of TORAH TEMIMAH's failure to remove RABBI KOLKO from his duties and/or otherwise take remedial action upon receiving allegations of sexual abuse by RABBI KOLKO, JOHN was sexually abused.

24. The sexual abuse has caused and will cause JOHN to suffer past, present and future severe and permanent psychological and emotional injuries, as well as attendant economic losses.


25. Plaintiffs, JOHN DOE's MOTHER and JOHN DOE's FATHER, repeat and reallege paragraphs 1 through 24 above.

26. JOHN DOE's MOTHER and JOHN DOE's FATHER have suffered and will suffer tangible, pecuniary losses resulting from TORAH TEMIMAH's negligence and breach of fiduciary duty, including without limitation, loss of services and expenses for medical and psychological care.


Plaintiffs hereby demand a trial of their claims by jury.


WHEREFORE plaintiffs demand judgment against defendant as follows:

1. On the First Cause of Action, for money damages and punitive damages exceeding $10 million.

2. On the Second Cause of Action, for money damages and punitive damages exceeding $10 million.

3. On the Third Cause of Action, for damages in an amount to be specified at trial.

4. Court costs, prejudgment interest, and such further relief the Court deems just and proper.

Respectfully submitted,

HERMAN & MERMELSTEIN, P.A. Jeffrey M. Herman, Esq. Stuart S. Mermelstein, Esq. 18205 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 2218
Miami, Florida 33160
Telephone: (305) 931-2200 Facsimile: (305) 931-0877 www.hermanlaw.com


GALLET DREYER & BERKEY LLP 845 Third Avenue - 8th Floor
New York, New York 10022
Tel. (212) 935-3131 Fax (212) 935-4514
David T. Azrin, Esq.

Anonymous said...

A real askin would leave their name, and take out a full page add in the NY Times and close down TT.

Anonymous said...

Gallet Dreyer & Berkey LLP must be the mystery law firm in the city that NY Magazine's Robert Kolker told interviewees was working on a blockbuster suit. David Azrin is a partner, as is Mr. big macher Seymour Reich, Malcolm Hoenlein's predecessor.


David T. Azrin represents businesses and individuals in commercial litigation, franchise and employment law matters. Mr. Azrin, who has been practicing for more than 14 years, has handled more than 15 trials involving businesses, including 8 jury trials. He recently obtained a $4 million verdict on behalf of a business owner against a shipping company.

In the commercial litigation area, Mr. Azrin has represented business in all types of business disputes, including litigation matters involving contract disputes, shareholder disputes, franchise, defamation, fraud, trademark, employment, leasing, and real estate.

In the franchise law area, Mr. Azrin has represented new franchisors, existing franchisors, and franchisees, with regard to the review and preparation of franchise documents as well as representation in franchise disputes. Mr. Azrin is a member of the International Franchise Association and the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, and has published articles in the area of franchising.

In the employment law area, Mr. Azrin has represented employers and employees in all types of employment disputes, including discrimination, harassment, overtime, medical leave, employment contracts, and retaliation claims. He has also assisted employers in preparing employment agreements, non-compete agreements, and employee handbooks.

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Commercial Litigation
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Litigation Percentage:
75% of Practice Devoted to Litigation
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Florida, 1988
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New York, 1999
U.S. District Court Southern District of New York, 2001
U.S. District Court Eastern District of New York, 2001
U.S. Supreme Court, 1993
U.S. Court of Appeals 9th Circuit, 2003
U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit, 1990
The University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Law Review: Note Editor, University of Michigan Law Review, 1986 - 1988

Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, 1985
Honors: With Honors
Major: Economics
Major: Political Science

Published Works:
Federal Court Review of Arbitrary State Court Decisions Michigan Law Review, Volume 86, No. 8, August, 1988
Honors and Awards:
American Jurisprudence Award, Introduction to Constitutional Law

Pi Sigma Alpha

Omicron Delta Epsilon
Professional Associations and Memberships:
UJA Westchester County Cardoza Legal Society, 2000 - Present
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Greenberg Traurig, Attorney, 1988 - 1994

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Birth Information:
1963, Carbondale, Illinois

Anonymous said...

Ok, so Margo can't sleep again and has resorted to overeating to alleviate his anxiety. Kolko's reactions until now have been like, who gives a damn because Applegrad will still get him a bungalow in Regency and Rabbi Weinfeld still lets him come to shul, except now he's sweating a little because FBI agents will soon be stopping by to interrogate & possibly arrest him for molesting a minor 3 years ago.

Oh yeah, and Meteorologist Shea Fishman is back hiding under his bed for the first time since UOJ retired.

Anonymous said...

I just got off the phone with Shea Fishman. He begged me not to tell anyone he's hiding under his bed because of process servers that are looking for him, so please don't discuss this outside the blog.

He's very upset and believes this is all Elliot Pasik's fault.

Shea still insists that "the climate is not yet right" to do anything about molesters in yeshivos and sex offender registries. He's afraid that if Margo is put on the stand, the fat oaf will cut a deal with prosecutors to nail the top brass of the Agudah & Torah Umesorah.

He's also upset at Margo's modern orthodox lawyer, Avi Moskowitz. You know, that guy with the clownish hairdo. He says if he wasn't foolish enough to let Margo bring in Aron Twerski to lie to the community, this new blog would never have popped up.

Maybe David Mandel at Ohel can refer Shea to a good therapist who specializes in persecution complexes.

Anonymous said...

"He is forbidden to wash his clothing or to wear freshly laundered clothes"

I'm sure Mechon Lehoraah makes an exception for Margo, despite the cherem. It's a public health issue and es felt in kovod habriyos for the rest of us if that fat ferd wears the same smelly lange reckel every day.

Anonymous said...

What has Aron Twersky done in reference to this issue? Please advise. On which side is he, victims or perps?

Anonymous said...

I have information from an askan that was involved that UOJ's strategy with the beis din had somewhat backfired. UOJ exercised an option, acceptable according to teshuva seforim, to not have the beis din directly send the hazmonos. While UOJ was correct in predicting that Kolko & Margo would fall into a trap and make themselves mesarvim, the beis din then declined to issue siruv papers, even though Kolko & Margo are in fact mesarvei din. The beis din only issues papers when they directly issue hazmonos. It is my understanding though that the beis din will tell inquirers that the hazmonos were real and that Kolko & Margo ignored them without just cause.

Anonymous said...

"What has Aron Twersky done in reference to this issue?"

Twerski, abused his position of trust as rabbi, lawyer & law school dean to protect his corrupt buddy Margulies. He told a kangaroo forum of parents at YTT that Margo is an "honorable man."

Twerski has no training in sex abuse and was not interested in the facts or the pain of the victims. At least we now know that he's an expert on manipulation & spin control.

Shame on him.

Anonymous said...


UOJ just posted a scan of the new suit that was filed. He's even got a copy of the receipt for the $218 filing fee with the King's County Clerk.

UOJ has a very classy title, telling Rav Solomon that this abuse of a minor is a "bar mitzva invitation."

Anonymous said...

The gnawing question remains- Why when Margo was first faced with allegations about Kolko didn't he dismiss him immediately? What made him hesitate? I'm sure there's a bombshell there alone.

Anonymous said...

i think it is the orthodox mentality. let's put it under the carpet. however so much "junk" got there it is time to see what is underneath.

Anonymous said...

Was this lawsuit filed because DA Hynes was "got to" and is now protecting Kolko along with Mondrowitz?

Boro Park's Ben Barber recently hosted a fundraiser parlor meeting in his house for Hynes.

Barber is a big macher with the corrupt Iggud Harabbonim who have been protecting Kolko, Tendler & Lipa Brenner.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of being got to, does anyone know the real reason why R' Dovid Cohen first rose to defend kids & parents receiving Margo's mafia threats and then made a bizarre about face and defended Margo?

Anonymous said...

Dear " Moshe"
The real Askonim had their names released 20 years ago. All they got were threats to their and their parents lives. So they must remain "under the covers."

Anonymous said...

To Mr. CZS,
I guess Rabbi Chaskel Besser the figure head of The Agudah is not frum, since he was in Sheldrake Dorms for about 8 years before it was bought by Leib Puretz, who then brought in the Mir group, which included Sheinerman. Get your facts straight and stop protecting a selfish, egotistical maniac. And while your at it ask him if he remembers hanging out of the widow from a pool hall by his feet, since next time they will drop him.

Anonymous said...

Has Sheldrake started a downward spiral since Puretz sold it to Simcha Klor ? There was speculation on UOJ that it might become a haven for perverts who like the idea across the street at Vacation Village of women & kids in bathing suits.

Anonymous said...

"the Mir group, which included Sheinerman"

To say Scheinerman is or was part of that group is laughable. He never fit in and was only there for a very short time.

Anonymous said...

Kiddies in bathing suits at Vacation VIllage ? Kolko must be furious at Applegrad for picking Regency over the more strategically located Sheldrake. Why go all the way to Lake Compounce when there are local options ?

Anonymous said...

Close down YTT,

UOJ's strategy was genius. He didn't care about a siruv, he just did what was necessary to issue hazmonos according to halacha. Knowing the asshole Margo is, he would use every excuse not to show up. The lawyer was in place and ready to go knowing that these idiots will not show up. Brilliant, I love it. I know where to go for strategy.

Anonymous said...

So much for the apologists who claim that nothing happened within the past 30 years. The tragedy is that every boy who ever attended Yeshiva Torah Temimah is now viewed as potentially damaged goods. Great job Mr. Lipa Margulies.

Anonymous said...

I still insist that YTT is the BEST yeshiva !

Anonymous said...

Hey "Tuvya" Neuhoff, you lowlife! Is Margo getting ready to bankroll you on another counter attack blog?

I guess if he picks up the mortgage for your new house on East 31st it must be worth it, huh?

Anonymous said...

I can see it coming already. The Jewish Press will be publishing a vague editorial that craps on this new blogger. Marvin Schick will pen another paid ad disguised as a hit piece in the Jewish Week. Avi Shafran will con some newspaper into publishing an op-ed that defends the Agudah and pretends that there are no victims out there suffering. Shea Fishman will keep pretending that he was willing to reach out to Elliot Pasik. Margo will tell everyone that this blog author must be Eli Greenwald and have Rabbi Belsky or thug-for-hire Mendel Epstein issue another bogus hazmana. (Gil Student already kvetched that remaining anonymous is a cardinal sin). Dovid Zweibel will make another private plea to Margo to stop being a stubborn rear end that embarrasses his organization. Aron Twerski will issue another endorsement from La La Land. And hopefully Kolko will get beaten up again at a bris.

Anonymous said...

>It's interesting when these bloggers have a hidden agenda that takes a while to sort out. Steven J. Weiss (Canonist blog) was also going ape over UOJ. It then emerged that Weiss was a long time ben bayis by Israel Singer who is a frequent target of UOJ.

Who in turn is related to uoj's ex-wife. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Please translate:


Anonymous said...

Hazmana = summons to a rabbinical court

Askan = community activist

Anonymous said...

R' Dovid Cohen stands up for what he thinks is right- what's the gain in the coverup for him now? He is NOT a money man!

Anonymous said...

Where is R' Hillel David on this issue ? R' Pinchas Breuer?

Anonymous said...

On JM in the AM, Nachum Segal spoke to David Mandel about abuse.
go to Nachumsegal.com later today and click on the archived shows. The discussion starts about 2 hours into the show. Thank you Nachum for bringing this to the front burner.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi sex rap sparks 10M suit

A Brooklyn Yeshiva was slapped yesterday with another big-bucks lawsuit alleging it protected a rabbi suspected of molesting children.

The suit, which seeks $10 million in damages, charges Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, 60, of Yeshiva-Mesivta Torah Temimah abused an unnamed boy of "early elementary school age" during the 2003 to 2004 school year.

It says the abuse took place in the religious school on Ocean Parkway.

A similar suit against Kolko and the Yeshiva seeking $20 million in damages was filed in May by two former students who claim they were molested by the rabbi more than 25 years ago.

Since New York's three-year statute of limitations has expired on the alleged offenses in the first case, Kolko was immune from prosecution.

But law enforcement sources said the new allegations against him are under criminal investigation.

Yesterday's suit accuses the Yeshiva of "failing to protect" the victim "from sexual assault and lewd and lascivious acts" despite knowing Kolko's "dangerous propensities."

A plaintiff in the $20 million case contends Kolko victimized at least 15 kids.

Nancie L. Katz

Originally published on December 7, 2006

Anonymous said...

You're right that R' Dovid Cohen is independently wealthy, thanks to the largesse bestowed on him by a fugitive from federal justice who escaped to Switzerland.

As tough as Dovid Cohen is, he still does cower sometimes to high pressure. It happened years back when he was a target of fanatics angry over his support of mixed-sex shidduch gatherings. Even though Rav Gifter agreed with him, the pea brained fanatics got backing from Reb Elya Svei after lying to Reb Elya about the details. These nuts also tried to mow down R' Nissan Alpert and others over this issue. They threatened Dovid Cohen that they would badmouth him all over & would reduce his reputation to mud.

If those little pipsqueaks could stop Dovid Cohen, don't you think that Margo's mafia syndicate wields considerably more "persuasion" ?

Anonymous said...

>How do YOU know? Did you speak
>to those Rabbis? and if so, did
>they tell you point blank that
>he did these things?

As I said, there are many other rabbonim who are aware of the confession as well and have confirmed same and the surrounding circumstances.

I have received confirmation of that.

Feel free to prove me wrong, you won't.

Anonymous said...

well well well. I hope they throw margo's fat ass in jail and throw away the key. And I hope his cell mate's name is Bubba. We'll see how HE likes it up the ass. Margo always was a scum bag and will always remain one. How dare he call himself "Rabbi".
And to all parents of Torah Temimah - Why are your kids still there? You should all be ashamed of yourselves. My father A"H figured him out in 1977. He had thoughts of sending me there. At the interview, he stood me up and said while pointing at Margo - Tzi Dem Meshigener vest ti nisht gein.

Anonymous said...

R' Dovid Cohen is a family friend
of convicted child molester Rabbi Yom Tov Lipa (Lewis) Brenner and his child molester son-in-law Rabbi Ephraim Bryks.

He is useless.

Anonymous said...

I know that around the time that the NY Magazine article came out, a rov who takes his queue from R' Aron Schechter & R' Hillel David made an about face. After telling his mispallelim for months that it is assur to believe anything about Kolko, he said that it is mutter to believe anything UOJ says about Kolko & Margo, but that the rest of the blog remains assur altz kefira, nevola, loshon hora & motzee shem ra. The Torah Temimah story he said has a toeless.

I also have confirmed from a family member that Avrom Fruchthandler proclaimed that Margo is a blithering idiot to the enth degree of stupidity for letting this fiasco get to the point of being his own undoing.

Anonymous said...

I don't really think UOJ gives a crap what these chaim berliners say. He says their full of shit especially Schachter and Fruchthandler for them not stopping this 20 years ago. They are also mesarvim l/din from bais din on the landau fiasaco.

Anonymous said...

To " My father A"H figured him (Margo)out in 1977. He had thoughts of sending me there. At the interview, he stood me up and said while pointing at Margo - Tzi Dem Meshigener vest ti nisht gein. "
What made your father say that bef. anything was known?

Anonymous said...

"They are also mesarvim l/din from bais din on the landau fiasaco."

More accurately, they are mesarvim from the mayseh with Rav Carlebach. They first infuriated R' Moishe, who didn't get infuriated very often, and then tried to whitewash the whole affair after his petira. R' Dovid Feinstein didn't let them get away with that and verified the events with his father.

It was after all this, when Fruchthandler tried to be mazmin Rav Landau but was thrown out of the beis on his fanny as a mesarev.

Anonymous said...

UOJ & JWB for the new moetzes.

Anonymous said...

to the one who asked about my father.
First of all, my mistake. It was 1967. My father A'H had an uncanny way of sensing peoples personalities. He figured bigfat margo out right away. I really dont know what transpired. I only know what I heard him say.

Anonymous said...

Please translate:


Anonymous said...

Mesarvim = Contempt of Jewish court.
Big F...deal, there's no bigger crooks than the Jewish courts and their dayanim.

Anonymous said...



To this child and family, your "slipped through the fingers" defense does not quite work. Rabbi Salomon, you and your group of mental midgets have blood on your souls for the destruction of another child and his family. You want to choose which cases you are going to "sweep under the carpet?" I'll tell you what you may have a right to choose, the glatt kosher food menu in prison! Where is Pinchos Scheinberg and Aaron Twersky when you need them? Hey...Blogger Posek Belsky, I informed the prison authorities that you will need an extra extra large orange prison jumpsuit! Rest easy Blogger Posek, I'm having them check for shatnez. I call this forward strategic planning. Now tell Chaim Neuhoff to say thank you!

Anonymous said...

All of this leads me to say this:
In hebrew, Gedolim also refers to feces. And as they say in English, the biggest pieces float to the top.
How true. I have lost respect for all these phonies. Hakodosh Boruch Hu Yeshalem Sechorom.
And don't you worry, some other lakewood asshole will soon issue a statement saying that this is all because the women don't dress tzniusdik. Thats their answer to everything.

Anonymous said...

i have been reading this and have a few questions.
is kolko still in town?is margo still in the yeshiva? and if margo really wants to help why does he not go to the da or police and say i want to help now/ AND BE VOCAL ABOUT IT????
what was in the past is in the past but let him try to correct the past by making the future right.

why do we th community march over to YTT or to kolko's house and expose them for real?????????

Anonymous said...

who has ever heard of margo helping anyone except himself? the man is a rasha who presides over an evil empire. if he gave a damn about anyone he would have exposed kolko decades ago.

Anonymous said...

"who has ever heard of margo helping anyone except himself?"

He helped loot Torah Vodaas if that helps ...

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